place for fishing

If you want to learn how to fish and not to carry out at the same time wasted, you must know the appropriate place for fishing.Today there are many paid ponds, rivers and coasts, where fish is almost always there.Here, you will not have to think about whether there is a fish or not.If you are not willing to pay for this occupation, you can always use public ponds, fish can fish in virtually every lake and every river.However, in this case, you will need to communicate with knowledgeable people who will tell you where and when the best fishing.

Tackle and bait

visit the store sells gear for catching fish, you may find a great variety of fishing rods, spinning rods, hooks and other special accessories.If you are new to this business, be sure to use the ad
vice of sellers, they will tell you what tools are best to use.For beginners, mostly medium-length rods are suitable for catching big fish too.Pick the appropriate hooks fish you plan to catch.For example, for catfish suitable hooks 9-or 10-gauge.

as bait you can use both traditional and readily available bait, such as worms, crickets, peas, etc., and special synthetic bait, which can be found in a wide variety of specialized stores.Live bait can also be purchased for money.

casting lures

Place the bait on the hook and adjust sinker.Its position depends on the flow rate of the river and the depth at which you are going to fish.For example, if the current is too strong, it is recommended to put a sinker 30-40 cm above the bait.To monitor the fishing was easier, use a float of large size.Throw the bait into the water, casting a fishing rod by itself, a way of controlling fishing line in this case will depend on the type of the drum, you are using.

Waiting Waiting bite can be quite lengthy.Remember that the fish is afraid of loud noises, so try to keep quiet.Slowly drive the lure from side to side, it is particularly effective if you use as bait fish silicone figures.Your task - to make the fish believe in the fact that before her live prey and grab it.If within 10-15 minutes, the fish do not bite, try adjusting sinker, bait check or change the location for fishing.

Pulling fish

Once you feel the fish pecked, and the float was moved, sharp movement back and up, remove the hook from the water.Depending on the size of the fish you will immediately feel some resistance in the opposite direction, keep the bait fast.Pulling the fish ashore, pick up a fishing rod vertically while simultaneously reeling fishing line on the spool.Do not use the reel when lifting rod, if the fish is too big, instead, after rising sharply lower the rod down and wrap the line at this point.When the fish would be close to the shore, you can pick it with a special net.To understand whether the fish pecked actually quite difficult for beginners, this understanding comes only with experience.