you need
  • shirt, markers, beads or buttons, ribbon, thread
The first way - the fastest and relatively inexpensive.You must purchase a special markers for printing on fabric.Sold these markers are usually not in stationery shops, and in the departments of Children's Art in Handicraft.After washing, inflicted such a felt pen, inscription not erased, not rasplyvetsya not turn into an incomprehensible blur.The average value of markers of tissue about two hundred rubles.Before Drawing on a T-shirt fabric sheet under a few sheets of paper.This will prevent ink flow markers on the other side of the article.The rest of the markers are easy to use - they are enough to make the necessary inscription on the fabric and give a few minutes to dry.After that, the origina
l product is ready.
second way to deal inscription on a T-shirt - to order the sticker on the fabric.For example, production of stickers by serigraphy offers a number of firms.Transfer the label on the shirt, you can use the iron through cheesecloth.Alternatively, companies offering such services can be ordered at the same time production of labels, and applying it on a T-shirt (with a special machine).The disadvantage of this application is that with time begins sticker "peels".Ready stickers cost about 400 rubles.Stickers on the order will cost from 2,000 to 6,000 rubles (depending on size).
third way to deal inscription on the T-shirt consists of several stages.First you need to sign do - write on the wall, on the asphalt, paper, etc.Next - to take a picture.Later order photo print T-shirt.As well as stickers, engaged in manufacturing photographic many firms.Drawing pictures on a T-shirt costs an average of 300-400 rubles, production time takes 1-2 days.
fourth way to deal inscription on a T-shirt - needlework.So, inscription can be embroidered with beads, beads and buttons, cut and sew the ribbon in the form of letters, cut inscription of tissue and sticking through the cobweb clothes.In addition, inscription can be embroidered with thread, using for this purpose various techniques of embroidery.