word "jackpot" comes from the English «Jack pot», which many translate as "Jack pot", explained the translation of the pot of gold that supposedly was the most coveted prize in certain ancient gambling entertainment.However, it is not.

«Jack» - this is how in English is called a jack in playing cards.Even in the XIX century, a combination of the two jacks was the most coveted in some poker games, and the one who was able to collect it, getting the pot consisting of the bets of other players.He called the «Pot».Over time, the word "jackpot" gone beyond poker and has come to mean a great cumulative winnings many times greater than the maximum amount possible to win a particular game.

What are the jackpots?

Conditionally jackpots can be divided into savings and fixed.At the same time, the cumulative jackpot, in turn, is d
ivided into two types:

- jackpot accumulates by betting the players;
- jackpot evenly growing at all times until it is pluck.

In the case of accumulating jackpot it is increasing the amount of each bet the players new to this or that game - a certain percentage of the bet is deducted in total prize money, which is the jackpot.For example, slot machines in the halls of the casino - the more players make bets, the higher the amount of the jackpot.Drops a jackpot the player with a certain combination of symbols on the reels (loss which is highly unlikely - for example, the five sevens) or randomly after a certain amount of game fund.

As an example of uniformly increasing jackpot can cause the television game "What?Where?When? ", Where experts for a year spend four games of the season, during which the overall jackpot evenly growing at the expense of sponsors.At the end of the year the whole prize pool gets the winning team.

Fixed the jackpot may be present in the casino, as well as in other types of gambling entertainment, for example, in the state lottery.Its value does not depend on, or very weakly dependent on the actual rate of players, but is often less impressive than in the case of accumulating jackpot.

biggest jackpot

One of the most impressive jackpots ever was thwarted in 2007 in the American lottery MegaMillions - winning amount was 390 million dollars.Such amounts are not paid directly to the winner, and are divided into a "small" amount (eg, $ 10 million) and paid annually until paid in full amount.Thus, the lucky winner, jackpot, virtually eliminating the need for every kind of work.

In addition, the jackpot is an added incentive, "warming up" the excitement of the player - it is much more interesting to play the gamble knowing that in addition to standard of wins can be, even if a low probability, to disrupt a huge jackpot.