Choice bait for catching catfish Amur depends not only on the preferences of the fish, but also a way of catching it.For the production of this trophy is often used donk and much less spinning.

What select the bait for catching catfish in the Amur donk?

Most fishermen for catching catfish using baits: asp, sabrefish, schurenka or ide.An alternative could be a frog, which is pushed onto the hook rear paw.Amur catfish will not refuse from finely chopped fish fillets.

But apart from these standard nozzles experienced fishermen depending on the season Nightcrawlers attract fish or earthworms, Raven giblets, burnt pieces of poultry and even soap.Amur catfish are biting on mohnorukih crabs, squid rings and ph
armaceutical leeches.The length of the bait should not exceed 20 cm.

Amur catfish successfully caught on mole crickets and locusts, but to find and catch these insects is difficult.Several medvedok found in cow manure, and the locusts near farmland.As a bait use and mussels.For this to open the shell, remove the entrails and put them on the hook.

Bait fishing with spinning

For catching Amur catfish on spinning you need to use heavy bait that quickly sink to the bottom.It can be large and glubokonyryayuschie wobblers, overall jig baits.Silicone jig lure made of soft material with a smell that attracts the Amur catfish.Jigs are divided into two types: passive, who go to the bottom and look like dead fish, and active, imitating a living organism.If you go for the huge trophy, as the nozzle is better to choose a dead fish of suitable size.

Amur catfish are not indifferent to the smell of burning flesh, feathers, felt and wool.To attract fish can be cooked on high heat poultry or chicken liver and implant a large piece of the hook.Previously, many fishermen considered one of the most effective lures rotten meat.But now it became known that the Amur catfish bait does not attract.

Going to the big trophy, first select the place and time of fishing, only then ready bait and bait.Catfish goes hunting only at night, lives in clean water.While preparing for a fishing trip, remember that som - strong fish, bring it a little and put on a hook, you need to have reliable gear and a lot of effort.