you need
  • sheet of watercolor paper, pencil 4B soft eraser, round brush №6, palette two cans with water, hair dryer, watercolors.
Schedule basic elements.Take a pencil 4B and mark on the sheet layout of the main elements of the composition.Start from the middle of the sheet and gradually move toward the edges.Check the vertical and horizontal lines, angles, and "negative form" objects and cast their shadows.
Apply first liquid washes of pink paint.Liquid dilute pink paint and a bit dim her tone gray paint.Take the brush №6 and write the resulting paint top book .For the second book, add to the mix a bit of scarlet paint to make the tone blur warmer.Allow the paint to dry.
Write a blue book.The liquid dissolved cobalt blue to mix a little gray paint and write
a book top of the stack.Most tip of the brush to draw a border around the future gilt inscriptions on the books.
Add a dark tone on the backs of books.Dim cobalt blue gray paint.Apply resulting mixture on the roots of the blue books, carefully avoiding those areas which need to be gilded inscriptions.
Write shadows of objects.The shadows cast by objects, help mark a horizontal plane of the table, which laid the book.Write these shadows blend of gray paint, burnt umber and raw sienna.Make sure that all corners of the shadows are clear.Allow the picture to dry.
Start adding darker tones on the books.Mix the pink and gray paint and write the top cover of the book, so that along the edge of the cover, where the incident is reflected in the book light shone through a narrow strip of the bottom layer of paint.In order to paint the cover of the second red book, combine pink and scarlet paint.
Add gilded inscriptions.On the cover and spine of the book clearly distinguished gilded inscriptions."Gilding" the white areas can be left with the help of raw sienna, slightly muted gray.