Tip 1: How to improve energy

negative thoughts negatively affect the human energy.Storing up negative, we, first of all, make yourself worse.Therefore, it is important to be able to switch their thoughts.Thus, you increase your energy and improve energy field that surrounds you.
you need
  • Healthy food, nice music, knowledge of Feng Shui, an environment highly spiritual people.
1. Spend a few minutes a day meditating.Its aim is to develop human sympathy, to create harmony with the power of creation.Therefore, mentally repeat the name of the Creator.
2. On power has a great influence food.Include in the diet of more fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals.Try to eat less meat, flour, sweet and dairy products.
3. Listen to music, tune and lyrics are born pleasant associations.It has long been observed that music with heavy vibrations and loud noises, reduces power.The person feels fatigue.He is devastated.
4. Examine the energy of their homes.Even at first glance, the subject has little powe
r.This knowledge can be gleaned from the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.As a result, you will learn how to increase energy in the home and at work, and thus strengthen your spirit.
5. Communicate with people of high spiritual level.Connection with God that they have, will fill you.Despair, anger, fear will not hold over you, surrounded by believers.
Monitor your behavior.Increase energy possible, avoiding low-energy fields, the formation of which occurs with the use of alcohol, drugs, violence manifestation.More often in nature, which offers all the beauty of the universe.Increase energy contributes to visit monasteries, spiritual lectures and seminars.No matter what activity you choose, as long as it bore the peace and kindness.Your energy is high, positive impact on your life.

Tip 2: How to improve the transport tax in Moscow

vehicle tax is calculated based on the tax rate in the region, the number of months in the year in which the turning of the vehicle used and the power of the machine horsepower.He is obliged to pay tax the person to whom the vehicle is registered, even if in fact it has no relation to it.
How to increase the transport tax in Moscow

Russian tax legislation allows you to set different transport fees for each region, and the regional authorities themselves can determine the size of the sums levied, as well as rewards and incentives.

In August 2012 Maxim Reshetnikov, head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow, made a statement on the need to increase the transport tax in the capital.According to him, the current rate of payment is minimal, and the number of cars on the roads of the capital is very large.In order to provide car owners must enter separate tariff.By the way, in 2011, the same proposal advocated Sarychev Alexander, director of the Institute of Transport and Road Transport.He claimed that the tax should be increased by 6-7 times.

Moscow recently has been enhanced fee for parking, and a tax increase may be another measure to reduce the traffic load on the infrastructure of the city.However, the head of the Department did not mention a specific rate at which car owners have to pay, or the timing of this project.So long as the owners of "iron horses" nothing to worry about.

However, some people increase vehicle tax still touches.In July 2012 the Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill according to which from 2013 will be increased the tax rate on cars with engine capacity of more than 410 hpHowever, this does not apply to sports cars and vehicles issued before 2000. At the moment, the amount of tax on transport in Moscow is determined based on the rate 7-150 rubles.for each unit of horsepower engine.However, experts in Moscow Federal Tax Service provides benefits for certain categories of the population.According to the legislation in the capital shall be exempt from payment for one vehicle one of the parents in a family.

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