Assuming that the magic is not fiction, and there are still people who have supernormal abilities and can really lift the veil of secrecy the future of others, it is necessary to listen to what they say on these same love spell.Since ancient times, it is believed that bewitch - it "dirty" low.
bewitches the only one who is weak, who are not sure of himself.

In most cases, bewitches people do not even realize that the spell is an act of force against another person, it is to some extent violence against a loved one.The violence that is bound to have negative consequences will affect the physical and mental health of a loved one.

Types love spell

believed that the kinds of omens there are so many.This spell on the
wind, on a towel on a photo of a loved one, but the most terrible and strong view is the one that involves some items from the cemetery (usually land or fragments of gravestones).Another method of chilling - Voodoo spell on the doll, like a copy of the person to whom it is directed.

goal of any love spell is the desire to bring in a pleasing man some love, physical or emotional attachment, a constant feeling of need of the person who has imposed spell.But these feelings in conflict with reason and destroy the object of the love spell, rarely giving the family fortune.

Dangers magic

One of the most deplorable outcomes love spell becomes a "zombie" loved one who completely loses control of himself, he is subject only to the person to whom he inspired loving husband.Zombie absolutely neemotsionalen, his thoughts and actions if prescribed script of another person.It will overcome the inexplicable sadness, a sense of grief, depression.Such people often become alcoholics, go crazy.
Psychologists say that the surge of interest in fortune-tellers and magicians in society comes at crucial historical moments when the mass consciousness is looking for new landmarks.

One of the consequences of love spell - it's deteriorating health.Those who perform magic rites, noted that in their lives and in the life of a loved one appeared illness, injuries, and not infrequently say that children born to married after a love spell, have developmental defects, disease, behavioral abnormalities.

Fortune-tellers and magicians in turn warn that the world is harmonious, but because for every action sooner or later retribution.What will be the price paid, no one knows, but it is believed that people who commit suicide for no apparent reason, before it became a victim of love spell.

difficult to protect yourself from the love spell only if you yourself believe or tend to believe in magic.Bewitch skeptic is not real, because it assesses the sober reality and, as a rule, have a clear mind and a rational way of thinking.

Afraid of love magic?Do not let "in their own world" strangers, even nice to you, do not share personal items, do not let the cut hair, do not engage in questionable rituals.Think sensibly, in the end.