Before you shuffle the cards, specify your question for them, focus on it.Hold deck some time to adjust the hands.Drop from the area of ​​your attention all extraneous thoughts.Stir cards themselves only if you do and they will decompose.In the process of mixing remember your question.Shuffle the cards face down.Do this until you feel that it is enough.
If you want to shuffle the cards in the air, in the hands, it is usually the deck is face down in the receiving hand (usually the left), and giving (right) hand takes from the deck of the cards and connects toremaining random mixing card.After stirring the card should "podsnyat": the right index finger in the direction of the slide of the card itself (about half) and part of that was on top, put down.Often podsnyat deck , asking the person to whom guess.
If during any card dropped, pick them up and shuffle the deck again.Some diviners believe that the cards fall without reason, but you should decide for yourself, you'll stick with that opinion or not.
deck Divide into three separate stacks.Each of them is also divided into three parts, podsnyat twice.Received nine stacks connect randomly.If desired, repeat the sequence.
Shuffle deck can be on the table.This is especially useful if you plan to use the inverted value of the card, in addition to direct.Put the cards face up on the table.Slowly stir them in a circular or spiral movements.At the same time think about your question.Before you choose a card for the alignment, you can leave deck lying on a table, or collect it in a pile.
Another way to shuffle the deck to work with inverted cards - divide it into two parts.One part of the turn upside down, connect the two parts and mix as usual.Now direct card in the deck, mixed with upside.