first step on the path to clairvoyance, you have to develop your astral body to reveal the so-called Third Eye.

For this you need to learn how to temporarily disable their physical abilities, freed from the physical senses.

This is to ensure that your body, mind was to use a different, astral energy.
Learn to relax.You need to be able to free your mind from thinking about the immediate and everyday things, about the objects that surround you.For this there are many different techniques.For example, start to meditate, practice yoga.Dedicate these studies considerable amount of time, and within 6-8
weeks you will see results that, at least, will surprise you.
Clean "pacify" the body.Working with the configuration of astral energy should take place not only in the sphere of consciousness, but also in your body.Eat foods that do not require multiple energy consumption for absorption and do not abuse the energy channels.If possible, give up meat and fat and heavy meals.
learn to concentrate on one thing.Daily detain his gaze on one of the items up to 10 minutes.Look at it as long as the surrounding physical world no longer disappear like smoke.You have to learn to merge with this subject, see his "inside".Look, as long as you do not get.

So you open and train his astral vision, the same Third Eye, in which you will be able to see things, not only with his eyes open, but also closed.Closed eyes do not help being distracted by the surrounding physical world.
The next step will be to develop the ability to see at a distance.For this you need to create in their minds the so-called "astral tube" and look through it to permeate the distance, getting directly to the subject.For example, sitting at home, imagine a computer monitor on your desk in the office.And now, with the help of visualizations, reach the point of its location to monitor, imagine all the way through the "tube."
You may need up to several years to develop the gift of clairvoyance.After diligent training you should notice an aura from objects colored circles around the body.Your assistants will in future sense, intuition, go after them, learn what they saw and felt.The farther you will reveal a clairvoyant, the more individual will be your way.You will learn to understand the world from the inside and get the knowledge available to only your favorites.