influence of the stars on the nature

People born under the sign of Gemini by nature pragmatic, logical, wise, prudent, and cunning.Gemini prefer to calculate the consequences of their actions, trying to take advantage of any relationship.However, they zealously conceal information about their own plans.Gemini - good manipulators, they are able to very effectively control their loved ones.For this star sign nature of the business approach in all spheres of life.

Of people born in the year of the Boar, obtained remarkable leaders.Surrounding slopes are constantly playing up boars, support them in all endeavors.People born in this year, attracted to their own desires, putting them at the forefront, it should be noted that this often leads them to success.Boars charming, impulsive and fanatical, that is what makes other p
eople to follow them.

combination of signs and Gemini Cabana quite successful.People born under these signs are usually highly active, get along well with other people, fanatically passionate about their work.They put their wishes in the first place, but it did not manage to touch those of others.Generally Boar Gemini is easy to involve other people in solving their problems and challenges, all of the participants believe that doing it on their own, and removed from the process useful lessons.It should be noted that the Boar Gemini always fulfills agreements punctual and responsible.

weakness and vulnerability

Achilles heel Cabana Twins are close people and friends.Twins born in any other year of the Eastern calendar, easily manipulated by his relatives and friends, but born in the year Cabana, they often become victims of manipulation.Close people often steal ideas from their ideas and the fruits of labor, believing that such "disruptive" People definitely come up with something else, and generally achieve more.

Boar Gemini is often interested in a variety of pleasures.Those born under this combination of signs, people often are real gluttons.Moreover, they can easily become addicted to alcohol, if not control themselves to the proper degree.That is why Cabana-twins with childhood need to learn the art of self-control, it will allow him to achieve in life very much.

in communicating with the opposite sex people born under the signs of Gemini and Cabana, feel very comfortable.They are charming, able to draw attention to themselves, so often without any problems find their partners.In marriage they come rarely, preferring to retain the illusion of freedom.