Aquarius - winter air sign, Leo antipode, quiet, self-contained and insightful.As a spiritual talisman Aquarius can advise sapphire.This stone has a positive effect on the body: normalizes metabolism, improves sleep.As a symbol of virtue, Sapphire develops in a person of his brightest quality.
Amethyst Aquarius recommended insofar as they often have a dual nature.Amethyst - a symbol of sincerity and candor, in addition, it positively affects the weak aura of representatives of the zodiac.Wearing his best in silver.In the past, this stone was attributed to the mass of magical properties.It was believed that he is able to protect against intruders, the envious and detractors, as well as sa
feguard against drunkenness, his name literally translates from Greek as "not to be drunk."
lovingly love potion and the talisman stone for Aquarius is the rose quartz.It helps to overcome shyness and reveal their sexual potential.In addition, it is especially useful restless creative types and to all who suffer from dejection and depression.
To improve efficiency, enhance concentration and the addition of mental and physical strength will suit red pomegranate.If we use this stone as an amulet, it will also help to establish contacts with the right people and make useful contacts.
Pretty powerful talisman can be zircon.In the East, this stone is considered the "little brother" of the diamond.It increases the motivation and desire for knowledge, improves memory and helps to focus on the task at hand.But the main thing - the ability to protect from troubles and bring good luck.
Aquarius, was born in the first ten days - in the period from 21th January to 1st February) - a modest and melancholic romance, prone to depression.However, they are not devoid of charm and is an attractive partner.Mascots have to bring their energy and confidence.This task is best to consult a jasper, rock crystal, amethyst, serpentine, obsidian.
Aquarians second decade (2nd - 11th of February) reasonable and cold-blooded, but considerate and not averse to philosophize.They are best suited amethyst, onyx, lapis lazuli, chrysoprase and turquoise.
Those born in the period from the 12th to the 20th of February is better to opt for jewelery with garnets, tourmalines, sapphires and alexandrite.These stones help to stir moderate and not very decisive temperament.