you need
  • - rope;
  • - scissors;
  • - needle;
  • - line;
  • - theft;
  • - pins.
For weaving macramé technique suitable linen and hemp rope, twine, cotton, synthetic or silk thread, sisal or flat ribbons and strips of leather and wool yarn.The main condition is that the material for weaving was supple, moderately twisted, but very durable.
To start work out a simple knit knots.The main one is the so-called Herculean knot.To do this you need two strands of 10 cm.Put them vertically on a pillow.Secure the end of each wire pins.Get into the right thread to left, and left the bottom up in the resulting loop.Lace tighten.Next no
de do the same way.
to weave the first plate assembly attach two strands through the middle.The last thread - the workers, the middle two strands - the foundation.Start working right thread on the base and working under the left hinge, and get under the basis of the left and bottom of a loop.Tighten the knot.If you weave knots in a sequence, you get a twisted chain, and if you change the position of the filaments in each node, you get a flat square knot.
Having mastered simple knots, move to a more complex and interesting.For example, try to make a knot "Gourmand".2 Fasten the thread through braid and nodes in the sequence of the second-first, second, or first, second, first.
for assembly under the name "Chameleon" fix on the basis of 2 thread and tie a square knot one.Then swap yarns and foundation work.Warp, have become workers, make another square knot.This pattern looks very nice, if done from yarn in two contrasting colors.Combining the components listed, you can weave the most simple product Fenichka or pots for flower pot.