Dress halter

no pattern to sew easily and simply.Summer sarafanchik straps can "bungled" for one hour.This requires otrez elastic cloth, it can be cotton stretch - and a width of 1.5 m length of the finished product take plus 20 cm at the top and bottom hem.Measure the hips, put ½ measurements obtained on the fabric, folded in half, cut two rectangles.

Sew side seams away from the top 15-20 centimeters.Deal with the armhole to tuck the edge of 0.5 cm and defer.Fold the upper section of 2-3 cm and prostrochite Drawstring on the shelf and the back.Thread the cord into it, you can make from the remnants of fabric or use a satin ribbon tie straps on the shoulders.Hem the bottom hem.You can try a new sundress.

tunic pattern

No less a sewn tunic.It can take twic
e the length of the fabric, if it is narrow in width of 0.7 m, and then turn tunic shoulder seams.When cutting width of 1.5 m will be enough of the same length, with the side and made the shoulder seams.

Put on the material, folded in half, ½ the width of the hips, add 3-5 cm to freedom fit.Down Measure the desired length, cut two rectangles - back and shelf.Fold in half and the back of the neckline make: Measure from the top edge down 2 cm and 6-7 cm laterally, point smoothly connect.On the shelf a little notch bury.Sew side and shoulder seams, treat them overlock or zigzag fine.Neckline overstitch.Pull up the bottom of the tunic.

Open dress

interesting model - open strapless dress.For him the need Tighting viscose, marlevka or satin and linen or gum elastic thread.Take two pieces of material, width and length of the wider otrez is, the more beautiful will drape.

on the bodice, and the forehand lay back stitch elastic thread at a distance of 1.5-2 cm from each other.If you do not have one, use the laundry gum, sew it to the wrong side of the zigzag stitch to the bodice.Sew side seams, obverlozhte them.The bottom and the top and tuck the hem.New dress ready - in a dress "and a feast in the world."

to the beach, you can sew a dress handkerchiefs.Take two large silk handkerchief, cut off from each one corner, put them on the slice and sew shoulder seams, leaving a cutout for the cap.Mark the width of the scarf ½ thighs and Stitch the sides, leaving the armholes hand.