Tip 1: How to learn embroidery with beads

If you want to do interesting work, and you have the patience and perseverance, the beadwork is just what you need.This is not just an occupation for the soul, but also the opportunity to fill up your wardrobe with exclusive things that you have no one else to see.
you need
  • - canvas for embroidery the desired size;
  • - reinforced thread №40;
  • - thin needles;
  • - scheme for embroidery;
  • - MDF substrate 4-5 mm thick;
  • - multicolored beads.
Place the substrate on the table, it pushpin attach the canvas.If it is more than the substrate, and tuck neatly lay under it.Canvas as embroidery move and fasten buttons.
Collect beads by color, that is, in the scheme for embroidery.For convenience, close to the substrate put on the table cloth and pour it in groups beads desired color.
Embroidery start from the bottom or the top line of the circuit.Number of cells in a line circuit, a quantity of beads will be in a row.Movement starts from right to left, which is easier to work
with.The length of thread for some take five times longer than the width of the embroidery.
If you need to get beads located at a distance from one another, make large stitches needle forward.To between the beads there was no gap, follow the seam needle back, returning to the previous stitches.
To better secure the beads on the canvas, the thread at the end of the series does not cut off, and pull it through each bead in the opposite direction to the beginning of the series and gain a foothold there.All beads in the series will lie perfectly straight.
number of beads you can sew different.To do this, the number of beads strung right on a string, put it on the applied scheme, and the second working thread sew it to fabric.Attach a string of beads between stitches.
for embroidery with beads can use the scheme for embroidery cross.Each cross on the chart - it will be one bead.Beads sew seam "half-cross."Try to keep the rows were straight, and the beads went in one direction.
If you want to do beadwork on clothing, pay attention to the quality of the material.Poor quality beads may become darker, the sun burn, peel off.Rub a few beads in his hands, put on some time in the sun.If the color has not changed, and the paint is peeled off, such beads can be used to decorate clothing.

Tip 2: How to learn embroidery with beads

Embroidery decorative seams, which is used to decorate the beads (optional glass or plastic beads) is a way to decorate clothing or items of clothing or interior.This art has a long history, experienced the ups and downs of interest to him.But today, an increasing number of skilled workers (and sometimes artists - men) are trying to master this fascinating technique that helps to create a small miracle.
How to learn embroidery with beads
you need
  • - canvas;
  • - beads;
  • - needle for beads;
  • - thread;
  • - buttons;
  • - sheet of fiberboard or particleboard.
to learn how to embroider beads , you need to choose a suitable circuit.But to start training like any embroidery, you need to study the basics, so the first scheme should be as simple as possible.
You can use ready-made kit, which you can buy in a store - it contains specially treated canvas, the desired number of beads of different colors, as well as the needle of suitable thickness (needle sewing beads thinner than the needleany embroidery).In addition, it needs the support of fiberboard or particleboard, which are usually attached pushpin on the wrong side of the canvas, the buttons themselves and a small flap of tissue intended for folding bead sorted by color.
If desired, you can select all of the elements to perform the embroidery alone.Beads used most often produced in Czech Republic (he is better and does not deteriorate from water) or the production of Taiwan's (it's a little cheaper).Canvas is the same approach as for cross-stitch, but it should be treated with white glue to stiffen and dry thoroughly.Number of beads indicates how many elements need to fill pattern 1 inch (2.5 cm) canvas - the lower the number, the larger beads.For learning is better to choose a large enough beads.The needle should pass freely through the inner hole of beads and thread color for securing selected in tone.
Sew any pattern to be from the middle, and for convenience it is better to mark the outline of a special marker for embroidery, which can be easily washed off with water.Sew beads possible by means of different types of stitches, but the specific choice depends on the preferences of the master.
for beadwork, you can use practically any scheme, which was originally designed for cross stitch.Instead of the colorful threads, which are filled with elements of the fabric, using the corresponding beads (suitable) color.At the same time, you can create amazing designs and patterns, icons and paintings, a tissue densely populated with small shiny balls of different sizes.
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