you need
  • - cardboard;
  • - black, yellow and green satin ribbons (their width - at its sole discretion);
  • - scissors;
  • - tweezers;
  • - a candle or a lighter;
  • - glue.
on busy piece of cardboard, draw a circle with a diameter of the desired core sunflower.Vystrigite resulting shape.If you want to create a medium sized sunflowers, make the middle of a flower 10-12 cm, as the patterns you can use a regular disk or saucer.
Then proceed to the creation of "seed" of a sunflower.From a black satin ribbon cut into squares of 40 pieces.
Take one square and fold it in half so as to obtain an isosceles triangle, then again fold the blank in half, take it with tweezers and
gently Opal edge with sections give scorched edge fortwo or three seconds to cool down and push it with your fingers to all its layers from sticking together.
exactly the same pattern as that described above, do the remaining 39 "seeds" for the future of a sunflower.
Take the yellow satin ribbon, cut into 60 squares of it and make "petals" for sunflower design for the first round.The principle of consciousness of these petals is similar to the principle of creating seeds.
Take the yellow tape width of three centimeters and cut off her long rectangle 22 four centimeters.Put in front of a box face up, then fold it in half lengthwise and cut off one of its edge diagonally at an angle of 45 degrees.Opal the cut and glue.
Remove the resulting blank put it in front of the face-up area myself, and then fold the edges of the side of her on the front side and stick.
By the same token make another petal 21.
Lay out a cardboard circle and obkleyte his "seeds", made of black ribbon.Try to stick them as tightly as possible to each other, so as not to look through the cardboard.
Next to the resulting paste blank circle small petals.Should fit all 60 detalek.
hereinafter circle glue onto the larger size.
of green satin ribbon cut 15 rectangles of four centimeters in length and make of them leaves in the same way as the large petals.Glue them to the sunflower, placing each other at the same distance.