you need
  • leather, sewing accessories.
Try to sew gloves own.Prepare the skin flap: thrust the old bag, jacket or leather gloves to buy the fabric, preferably with fur lining - the material is useful in tailoring.Pay attention to the upper side of the fabric, so that it was no stains or holes, because it will be the front of the product.You will need two pieces of the size of thirty-five to fifty centimeters.
Download pattern on the Internet, open a graphics program, where you can see the dimensions of centimeters.Measure tape centimeters wide across the palm of the hand, the height of the fingers, compare with the image.Adjust pattern, preserving the aspect ratio.Print, cut out, leaving half a centimeter on allowances.
Fold skin in half.Transfer the pattern on the front side of the fabric.Separate
ly, find a place for details thumbs.Carve out a model with a special knife or razor.Note that the right and left hand are arranged symmetrically.You should receive the following parts: the main panel, six intermediate wedges, insert your thumb.
Pick a strong thread in the color of the skin (can work and contrasting thread pitch), solid conventional needle.Start with the left hand.Stitch manually between the two pairs of end faces of the wedges.Connect the wedges with the glove, starting from the base.Lousy wedges, periodically try on a glove on a hand, check the size.
side panels thumb sew seam "over the edge", leaving unfinished tip.Attach linked to the gloved thumb, contours and hole patterns of the parts must be the same.Cleave the pin, sew.Put the product on hand, stretch, make sure your fingers are not crowded.Finish the job, sewing up the fingertips.Finally Sew the sides of the little finger to the ground.Trim the edges remnants of thread.
right glove similar to sew.If you choose the skin with fur lining, make a spectacular fluffy lapel.The necessary and exclusive thing is ready, your able hands will be comfortable and warm in the new Signet.