you need
  • - material for the outer surface of the cover;
  • - material for lining;
  • - decorative elements - beads, Lurex, crystals, embroidery thread, ribbons.
  • - a decorative cord or harness;
  • - thread of the corresponding color;
  • - needle.
Remove the phone measurements.Put it on a piece of paper and draw.Combine on each side of the contour of from 0.5 to 1.5 cm, depending on the thickness of the phone.
Transfer the pattern on the fabric cover for the outer and inner part of the cover.Cut out the two parts of each matter, do not forget the seam allowances.As the outer layer of the cover, use a thick cloth, such as denim, tweed or thin skin.You can cut out the lining of cotton jersey.
Decorate one of the parts cover.You can embroider a cross pattern on it
, the smooth surface, apply a drawing special paints for fabric or embroider with beads or ribbons.In addition, you can use ready-made embroidered cloth or cut the workpiece from the old stuff.
pairs Fold one piece pads and one part of the outer cover inside out and run around the perimeter of the seam, leave a small hole.Remove the item through it, straighten the edges, sew a hidden seam.Otutyuzhte half cover.Repeat the operation in the second half.
Place the parts to each other inside-lining.Shallow blind stitches sew them together, do not forget to leave a hole, so that the phone can easily be placed inside.
Use decorative cord for registration of cover, such as a tape with sequins or twisted wiring harness.Sew it on the perimeter of the product, log on to the bottom of the center point.This will allow the cord to hide minor errors and a place through which the gut-wrenching detail.Use it to create tesemochki to be hung around the neck.
changeover Sew the zipper to the top of the cover.To do this, the base material cut a small strip, sew along the length of it, treat edge.One end of the lock on the rear cover and the inner side of the second button stitch.You can also place a small flat magnet clasp in the changeover and in the cavity of the front piece cover.