you need
  • - balloon,
  • - PVA glue,
  • - newspapers,
  • - paper cutter,
  • - Vaseline,
  • - paint,
  • - brush,
  • - theatrical makeup,
  • - paints for body art.
can make a mask out of papier-mache.To do this, prepare the old newspapers and cut them into small pieces.Inflate a balloon and lubricate it with white glue.Begin paste bead pieces of paper.First, lay out one layer completely, then glue the top the next layer of newspapers.Total number of such layers can be 5-7, the mask was solid and keep the shape.
Once your reach the required thickness of the workpiece, let it dry thoroughly.When the paper dried up and absorbed by the adhesive, carefull
y cut along the blank, pre dangling bead.For operation you need only one half of the resulting shape.
Now the mask is necessary to make holes for the eyes and mouth.First, draw a pencil the necessary parts of the face, making sure that they match your eyes and mouth, and then carefully cut them with a knife for paper.
Now you can go directly to the registration mask.If necessary, stick to mask the missing elements - the ears, mustache hair.And now take the paint and brush and begin to prettification.You can draw a funny little face like an animal, and create a beautiful Venetian mask.
mask can be done not only on the ball, but just for yourself.The procedure for creating almost the same, but before you begin to impose themselves impregnated with adhesive layers of newspapers, smear Vaseline face.After the mask has reached the required thickness, you can dry her hair dryer to quickly remove and then leave dosyhat at night, but not on your face and on your desktop.
In order to be on New Year's mask, it does not necessarily make for a few days.The mask can just draw on your face!For this you need theatrical makeup or paint for body art.First, paint the face in the color you choose the animal, and then proceeded to dorisovyvanie small items - Make animal eyes, nose, draw a mustache.