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  • computer game Fallout 3 codes to it
Follow the story, migrate to Vault 87. Look for a room there where Gekko is stored, but notenter it directly.Then force open the door to the store and get it improved radiation suit and anti-radiation drugs.Now go through the contaminated room and take Hecke.Or you can go to the "experimental laboratory" to kill her aggressive inhabitants and release mutant Fox, who can be persuaded to take Gekko from the zone of radiation.
find yourself (or take mutant) Hecke, head to the exit and leave the bunker.Then the plot you will lose consciousness and wake up already in the hopper Reyven- Rock .Talk with President Eden (intelligent computer).Once you let go of it, follow a plot - lead dialogues looting.Wh
en the scenario game will revolt, run to the exit.You can not affect the storyline, but just change your "karma."Regardless of the course of action when you get outside, blow up the bunker, and getting there will not be the usual way.
If you want to get more time in Reyven- Rock , then it can be done only with the help of codes.Walk up to the ruins of the bunker and get up close to the wall.Access the console by pressing the tilde ("~").Then enter the code for the "tcl" and go through a wall or obstruction, formed after the explosion.Once inside, do whatever you need.
You can also use another method.To do this, the console again and enter «tgm».You will receive immortality and infinite ammo.Come close to the entrance littered with (just to the entrance) in Reyven- Rock and get a grenade.Then turn back to the bunker.Start firing it at his feet, or throw grenades in front of him.With luck, the explosion of a shell about ten you will spread backwards through the texture of the wall directly into the hopper.