Tip 1: How to make a solid color pastes?

Mastic - is a sweet mass of plastic, made from powdered sugar, water and other ingredients.The recipe may be gelatin, sweetened condensed milk, edible dyes.One of them will make the flesh-colored paste.

How to paste a flesh-colored

mastic easy to sculpt figures of people, who then decorate the wedding cake.Their faces, hands should be flesh-colored shapes to look natural.

Food colorings are not encouraging a variety of colors.Depending on what is required saturation flesh color in the finished mastic added drop brown dye.Then turn pale skin color.Besides brown droplets, a drop of blue and red dye.In this case, the color becomes more saturated.

improves the color

In any case, first in the prepared paste that is white in color, add a drop of dye, and the mass of well-kneaded.If turned palely, then you need to add another drop of brown and again mixed.

If you overdid it with the dye and skin color is too dark, then white putty rescue.But do not add it in all the darkened mass.Take a lit
tle at first, mix with light.If the color is satisfied, then in the same ratio is added to the white paste to the rest dark.

excellent way out will be candy marshmallow white.They are placed on a plate, put briefly in a microwave oven and removed when the mass melted.This is - an excellent basis for putty.Light candy help and if weight has been added in a large brown dye than necessary.

Mastic of marshmallow rescue, if you want to on the surface of the cake adorned lily.You can make out a mastic of cartoons Smeshariki.These figures will decorate the cake for a child's birthday.

can involve the creation of mastic children, but there is a small nuance.If they are to mold parts with fingers, a part of the dye will remain in his hands.It's not so simple will then be reduced. better sculpt colored putty rubber medical gloves, while his hands remain clean.

After figurines fashioned mastic, you need to moisten your hands in the water and spend them on sweets, while mastic will shine and sweet masterpieces - look amazing.

Tip 2: How to make Smeshariki mastic

Sculpt putty is very simple, as well as clay.You can make figures of animals, butterflies, flowers or fun Smeshariki.Colorful characters will please the kid if they decorate a cake for children.
How do Smeshariki mastic
you need
  • - mastic;
  • - toothpicks;
  • - sweet glue;
  • - food coloring (dyes gel);
for modeling Smeshariki can use milk paste.For figures 3-4 cm diameter 30 g of mastic needed for the body and 5-20 g per part, depending on the character.Prepare 10 balls desired color, leaving a bit of mastic of each color in a plastic bag for further sculpting details.
How do Smeshariki mastic
Leave the balls for 12 hours for drying, periodically checking that they are not flattened.If you want to roll it over the ball so that it again became round.When the paste dries out and will not be deformed by pressing, you can start modeling the details.
to make Krosha foot.BLIND flagella-hand and attach the two sides to the body.Then roll the balls and do the toothpick in each of three notches, simulating toes.The wide flagella blind by elongated ears, let them dry to keep their shape.Then glue the ears with pastry glue to the body.Add the details of the face: eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, draw food dyes and pupils.
How do Smeshariki mastic
Hedgehog prepare for flagella-tabs with notches and small ears, made from small balls, concave inside.Attach details on figure.Make of blue putty large needles.Roll the balls and form of these triangular pyramid-needles.Glue the facial features: eyes, nose, eyebrows, and mouth, draw pupils.Around the eyes with sunglasses picture the flagella.
How do Smeshariki mastic
For Sovunya blind by a cap.Roll of purple and orange putty balls of different diameter and slightly flattened them, connect the alternating color in the cone-hat.Attach the top triangular ears.Glue the wings to the body, made of a thin triangular cakes, drawing her toothpick feathers.Paws collect multiple flagella.Add the details of the face: eyes, eyelids, beak, draw and draw pupils' hair. "
How do Smeshariki mastic
Barash to first make curlicues, like sheep wool.Roll small flagella and twist them into a circle.Make a tiny ears, and out of the blue mastic twisted horns.Tabs make just two flagella, one end slightly forked.Glue on the face: eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth, draw a sad-point pupils.
How do Smeshariki mastic
on his stomach Pina attach a circle of white mastic.Make a cone-shaped beak to bend naturally expressive.Glue to the body on the sides of elongated wings, red legs and bottom.If you want to keep the details of a piece of cloth or foil.Put on the head made of putty brown hat and sunglasses.Glue the eyes and draw pupils.
How do Smeshariki mastic
have Nyusha picture a red hearts on his stomach.Attach flagella, hands and feet, painted red claw.BLIND ears and orange hair with a pigtail, which decorate the white flower.Glue on the face: round eyes, nose, tapered ball, draw red lips, eyelashes and black-point pupils.
How do Smeshariki mastic
do for Losyash antlers dark brown mastic.When they dry out, confectionery glue stick to the head.Attach a small figurine ears and oblong-foot poles.Glue on the face: oval, white eyes with black pupil, tapered nose and eyebrows.Draw your mouth.
How do Smeshariki mastic
have Kopatycha legs do like like a crumble.Oblong flagella (hand) and balls (legs) with notches.Blind from light brown mastic hat: a little flattened ball - crown hat and a circle (the field).At the request of the relief and shape the hat.In the picture the face: eyes, eyebrows, nose, chubby cheeks, and mouth, draw pupils.
How do Smeshariki mastic