you need
  • - tape measure;
  • - Pattern from the magazine, from the disk or from the Internet;
  • - paper;
  • - chalk;
  • - tissue;
  • - scissors.
Regardless of whether you are ready to use patterns or use the method of self-construction of the drawing, the first thing you need to do - is to take your measurements.At the same man for whom sews clothes should stand straight.If the skirt is sewn, the necessary data is putting the waist and hips, the length of the product.
If you sew a blouse, putting the data needed breast arm circumference, shoulder length, the width of the back, chest height and other measurements.To measure the waist, tie
a ribbon around it first.Learn how to take measurements, and better look at the video.Remember, in the chest, waist and hips also add allowances for free customized fit.
Buy or take somebody pattern suitable size to you.It corresponds to putting the chest.So, blouse size 42 corresponds to the volume of the chest 84 cm. Check if you need a pattern or a perfect fit.If the pattern requires increasing, Dokl missing length or width by a plain paper if decreasing - fold excess and seal.In magazines such as Burda, are usually given detailed instructions for the pattern, and they are convenient even for beginners.
Move all the necessary details on the paper using a solid or dashed (as appropriate) line.Pre-cook rather large sheets or graph paper.To transfer patterns often used transparent paper - tracing paper.
Move pattern on the fabric, use the special chalk.Try to spend the cloth sparingly and appropriately placed on her part.Cut parts of the fabric, leaving a couple of extra centimeters for joints.Do not rush to cut patterns, first make sure that everything is done correctly.