Mix equal quantities of glycerin and ethanol and treat text , written in ink.Fresh stains from ink also displayed the warm fresh milk or yogurt.
The same ink, and along with the paste from the pens can be displayed with a special liquid, which consists of two parts.
first part is prepared as follows: add to distilled water (50 ml, t = 25-30oS) small portions of potassium permanganate, stirring constantly, until no longer soluble potassium permanganate.Then add 50 ml of cold acetic acid.Prepare this compound immediately before use, as it will quickly lose its activity.
second part of the composition: in distilled water in an amount of 100 ml of the same temperature as mentioned above, add 1-2 tablets gidroperita.
Apply a light touch on the first part of the composition of spot cotton swab, wound on a match or a cotton swab, but do not rub.Repeat the treatment after a few seconds.Then take the second part of the composition and it desaturate spot.Also, do not rub.
Another tool: a teaspoon of acetic concentrate (70%) mixed with crystalline potassium permanganate (pinch).You can handle text .
further enclose a piece of another piece, white, clean.Take a soft brush, dip it in a solution of potassium permanganate and acetic concentrate and drive on text have on paper, until it disappears.The paper will darken, but it can discolor the cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.
While the treated area is still wet, iron its warm iron.To do this, place a blank piece of soft cloth, and put on top of the sheet with the remote text th.The surface of the iron must necessarily be a glossy, clear, otherwise have stroke through the tissue.This method is suitable for fine paper .
If the paper is thick, use a cotton swab or a match with a wound on her fleece.Such matches or sticks zagotovte more to change them when dirty.Each new match wetting solution and text tracing the contours.