you need
  • - a deck of cards;
  • - chips or crackers round;
  • - a musical instrument (if possible).
Develop your fingers and muscles of the hand.No wonder there is a saying "Sleight of hand and no fraud."To learn how to work with the cards you need to constantly train.Fingers should be flexible - it allows you to display complex foci based on skillfully manipulating cards.It is important to develop both hands - and the right and left.
good way to train stretching fingers - learn to play a musical instrument, such as guitar.Another option - to buy a set of poker chips and learn to cut them.It is not necessary to buy a suitcase, can be limited to three stacks (60 chips).If you have long fingernails, pre-cut them - they will not interfere.
Cutting (cutting chips) is done in the following way.Take in your hand a stack (20 pcs.), A little lift from the table, put his index finger on the mark 5 (or 4) chips, not peeping.Place the stack on the surface and move the remaining chips in hand - should have two columns: one of the 5 chips, the second - from 15.Without releasing from the hands of the stack, the index finger swipe across the top of the first column of the chip and continue moving your finger on, automatically removing the following portion of chips.Instead of chips can be used crackers, but in this case Cutting will not turn out so smoothly.
Get a deck of plastic cards of good quality.Better, of course, choose those that are used in the gambling establishments - they can be used to demonstrate even the most difficult tricks.Devote more time to work with a deck - learn to shuffle it in several ways: on the weight and on the table.
Almost all card tricks are based on the account and a good memory, you need to constantly develop.And it can be done, for example, in a store: every time mentally add up the cost of purchases at the checkout to you already knew the exact value.It is important not to round - this will allow you to develop observation and attentiveness, which later prove useful in demonstrating magic tricks and work with the audience.