you need
  • -transformator from tube TVs - 1;
  • -diody CD 2010 - 4;
  • -rezistor 600 ohm 5 watt - 1;
  • -tumbler 15 A, 250 V - 1;
  • -cvetodiod 12-15 B - 1;
  • -predohranitel network 1 A - 1;
  • -vilka network - 1.
Get on the radio a powerful transformer from the power supply tube black and white domestic TV.If you have overlooked a television at home, remove the transformer from it.Disassemble the transformer, releasing the coil from the core.Determine where network transformer winding.To do this, check with a multimeter the resistance of the windings.At the network will be the largest winding ohmic resistance.Remove the transformer wi
nding and all leave only Networking.Among the wires that you delete will be a long copper wire diameter of 2 millimeters.Wind them transformer secondary winding in an amount of 55 turns with a tap from the 10th turn.
purchased in store radios powerful semiconductor diodes, for example, KD 2010. They would be required for the manufacture of the diode bridge - network rectifier.The photograph on the left shows the recommended type of installation of the diode bridge.If in the process of diodes are excessively heated, set each on a separate small radiator.There you buy the plug, the mains fuse at 1 amp, 600 ohm resistor and a power of 5 watts, and any LED, rated at not less than 12 volts.
Start collecting device charger it according to the picture on the left the circuit diagram.Connect the plug mains fuse FU1.Solder the resulting short circuit protection to the primary winding of the mains transformer Tr1.Further, in accordance with the photo above, gather on a separate network card rectifier - diode bridge.Connect it to the secondary winding of the transformer according to the concept.Through Connect the switch to connect the diode bridge to the output of the transformer 10 volts and 15 volts.On the output of the rectifier solder chain consisting of resistor R1 and LED La1.The resistor limits the current through the LED.LED indicates operation.If the LED is not lit, reverse its conclusions.
changing the position of the toggle switch, you get the output of the charger different voltages and different charging current.Voltage 15 volts, according to the scheme - for fast charging (6 hours).Voltage 10 volts, according to the scheme - for a slow but better charging (for 10 hours).After assembly and testing of the device, podyschu collected for you design an appropriate body size.