you need
  • - computer;
  • - offset paper;
  • - offset machine;
  • - card design;
  • - program Photoshop;
  • - digital machine Xerox;
  • - printer;
  • - a vacuum;
  • - fine powder.
use digital printing to create a business card.This option is suitable for immediate production.For this method, you need a computer and a digital machine (Xerox).Other accessories are not needed.
Create a design on the computer and the inscription using Photoshop.Then just click on the function "Print".Within a few seconds you will see the result.
Apply offset equipment, if you need to make a large print run of business cards.This is one of the most popular ways of getting business cards, besides, he suggests a large color range.
Fill in a separate section of the car paint that you want to see on their business cards.You
have to be prepared in advance design of the card on your computer.Make a color separations and printed form.Attach these forms of one another.Then, start the car and offset print business card .
sure to offset machine properly fulfilled all the subsequent steps - cutting cards, folding and cutting printing.This will be the second stage of finishing.
termopodema Use technology to print your business cards.The product is the output is quite colorful and original.Attach a special fine powder to print cards.It should adhere to the ink has not yet dried on the printer.
Remove all unnecessary sight by vacuum.Then apply the technology termopodema, subjecting the product to heat treatment.The powder at the end of the procedure has to melt and create the appearance of volume (bulge).Then wait for a few minutes until the card is dry.