Besides the desire to quickly begin to ride on top-end technology, there are other reasons to buy an account.For example, the desire to have a tank, derived from the game - KV-5, Type 59 or 105 leFH18B2.This is a fairly good premiumnyh tanks, once withdrawn from sale, and is currently a promotional.That is, they can either buy shares on or win the competition.The third motive, forcing people to buy account - the desire to join a good clan.Upon entry into it requires players to the good performance of the statistics, and they are not everyone.Very well-paid person easier to buy someone else's account, you invest time and energy in the correction of the statistics.

black market accounts

Official Rules world of ta
nks sale of accounts is prohibited.But it is no means of countering this company Wargaming is not taken.It signaled the beginning of the illegal trade accounts, the development of the black market accounts.Himself ban on the sale of Wargaming became an official excuse to not take any responsibility for the consequences of fraud in trading accounts.
Any purchase and sale of the player's account is only at its own peril.In the case of fraud, Wargaming not only bear responsibility for it, she would not even get involved in this business.

Some rules sale

first account you need to prepare for the sale.If there are open, but not purchased the tanks, it is better to buy.This will give the opportunity to sell it more expensive or faster.Separately rewrite existing tanks in the hangar, if there are open - they make individually.Separately specify a premium car, the number of remaining days of premium account.Rewrite the statistics - the number of fights and winning percentage.Enter a nickname, make screenshots to confirm the existence of a declaration of tanks.Snap to remove the mobile phone number.
accounts are sold together with a mailbox and a secret question to him.If the mail is needed, please contact support Wargaming with a request to change the binding account to another mailbox.
See ad on the Internet for the sale of accounts.This will help to estimate how much money you can gain from the sale.Think about how best to get the money - through Webmoney, PayPal, Yandex, or transfer from one card to another.The latter option is preferable - you can immediately after the sale to get cash.Specify also a way of communication - Skype, ICQ or mobile number.

then will only advertise the sale.On the Internet there are a number of sites that offer services for buying and selling accounts, the placement of ads on this subject.Some sites offer security guarantees sales service account.Believe it or not - everyone's business.

with potential buyers should talk beforehand.Absolute guarantee that it will not disappoint, it will not, but the idea of ​​a man can get.It may ask the buyer to provide any guarantee of the integrity of the seller.It's hard to say what guarantees can be given.After all, the buyer can not give guarantees.

login information and password to the account and the mailbox on the security question and the answer is transmitted when the check arrives to the account.Try to act without deception on its part - because the buyer can always make a chargeback.By the way, about this, as a way of cheating, too, should think in advance.