Who are

Hippie Hippie - social movement 60-70 years, promotes the freedom of mind and body, as well as the harmony between man and nature.The main principles of hippie enjoying the beauty of the world, the implementation of human creativity, spiritual consolidation of two or more people.

Where to celebrate the birthday hippie

best place for hippies - a secluded beach.The sun, air and water - what else is needed for a good mood?You can also install tents in the middle of a flower field.

How to dress for birthday hippie hippie

attributes closely associated with ethnic group different cultures.Clothes should not hamper the movements.For girls fit sundresses to toe, for men - slacks, shorts and Hawaiian shirts.Fabric: linen, cotton, silk and any textiles, painted in the style of "shibori" ("Shibori") -

when the pattern is obtained by compressing or banding.


for hippies characteristic negligence in her hair.Girls are better dissolve the hair and the guys give her hair a bit disheveled appearance.

From Baubles ornaments knitted suit, bulky bracelets, colored beads, wreaths of fresh flowers woven into her hair colored shoelaces, bandanas, etc.

Fun on birthday hippie

song circle .Everyone stands in a circle.In the center of the birthday boy and guitarist.The guitarist began to play a melody, and the participants in a circle trying to sing invented an excerpt from a song in honor of the hero of the holiday.Someone might read rapping someone sing a passage in the style of romance, etc.The song must be related in meaning.

Gate .Selected two members who will represent the gate, his hands clasped tightly.Other participants of the music in turn must pass the gate or climb.The idea is that each participant after the gates are lower and narrower.Whoever touches the gate at least some part of the body - lose.

Who?What? Participants are divided into two groups.The first group from the second secret are heard the names of objects: a teddy bear, suitcase, balloon, bed, etc.(at your option).The other group are asked to select a piece of paper out of the box with the same names and to say aloud that he would do with this subject.A man who shows a particular item goes ahead, and member of the other group has to realize our plans action.