Tip 1: What dream of gold

Depending on the situation in the dream and the extra elements in the human dream of gold can be a good sign, and the prevention of future problems.

What man could dream of gold jewelry

If you dream you see yourself as a buying gold ring, it means that you want to marry.If you give a golden ring - soon you will make an offer.The loss of this decoration is that there will be quarrels and disagreements, or husband, or a young man (if you have not married).Divorce is possible, even with the scandal. also the loss of jewelery in the form of a gold ring in a dream can mean the death of your loved one.

dream in which you dreamed of a handful of gold in your hands, so that soon you will succeed.Find the precious metal portends that you effortlessly achieve all your goals.After this you can sleep with peace of mind to develop their business or start to move up the career ladder.Also see his dream of gold - it's good, not only from a material point of view, but also from the spiritual. In many countries, gold is considered a "shiny metal."So to see him in a dream can mean spiritual happiness, the growth of energy, pleasant and good experiences and memories.

If you dream of a fake gold jewelry adornment such as a chain, watch, earrings, necklace, or cross, it means that the thing that you're doing, burned, or you will find yourself in a very dangerous position.

Several other interpretations of the dream of gold

In a dream you see how a man wears on you a gold necklace or chain - beware.It is a betrayal and a lot of problems with those you wore a gold chain.

If you dream of gold, but you can not touch him, it portends great difficulties in your way.If you dream of a way at the start of a new activity it is likely the case will not bring you any benefit, and maybe you'll even lose money.

be locked in a golden room - a trap into which you led your greed.You should not be so mean and cynical.It is necessary to share their possessions with others.

If you give the gold - it means improving your well-being and dignity of your thoughts.In the near future will increase your income, and with you it will be able to enjoy close friends, relatives and truly faithful to you people.

If you dreamed that you melt the precious metal may have about you behind your back are spreading nasty rumors.Be careful in the choice of loved ones.Reconsider your attitude to those who makes you suspicious.

occur during sleep a person from head to toe covered with gold, is quick meeting with the scammers!

should also be attentive to his feeling after sleep.If in the morning you feel tired and depressed, more likely, he was carrying a negative sense (of course, if you slept enough time).And if after your dream, you wake up refreshed and in a good mood, perhaps in the near future there will be something very pleasant.

Tip 2: What dream bracelet

Interpretations had a dream in which the dream bracelet, there may be many, but they are divided into 2 categories: dreams, foretelling a positive outcome of events in reality and dreams, afterthat need to be especially alert and attentive.
Why dream of a gold bracelet

Interpretation of Dreams of a golden bracelet with a positive outcome

gold bracelet that dream can often be interpreted as some kind of achievement and well-being.The man, who saw in a dream that he had found a gold bracelet is likely, in reality, will be the master of any property.

If you dream you are giving the bracelet to someone - it promises a speedy marriage.For females this dream, however, can say that the output of the aisle may be slightly delayed. But if in a dream girl favorite presents a gold bracelet - this dream can mean a successful marriage.

Interpretation of Dreams of a golden bracelet with a negative outcome

At concurrence of your sleep and subsequent situations you should be extremely careful, because the dream has a negative meaning, heralding complications in relations with relatives (for example,a brother, or sister), the hatred that you can feel a certain person, you do not exactly known.And he and the other person can bring you inconvenience or some more serious trouble.

If you see a gold bracelet on her arm clearly, in this case, this dream foretells you some trouble, bad luck or disorder.If you wear a bracelet and paid attention to it - it is a warning.Perhaps someone prepares you trouble, or a cunning ploy. is necessary to pay attention to your surroundings, appreciate their loved ones, as well as sincere and true feelings.

If you dream you drop a bracelet, most likely, it warns you that soon you will have to take an important decision that can change not only your life but the lives of your loved ones.

If a man sees in his dream on his arm beautiful bracelet made of pure gold, it could mean the beginning of any problems or instability in matters of business.

for spouses seen bracelet can mean an early appearance of conflict in the family.If the couple dreamed a dream in the night from Wednesday to Thursday - it can only talk about that soon one of the spouses will be grateful for the chance fallen to his lot.

If one of the spouses dream that they had found a bracelet (and dream a dream in the night from Monday to Tuesday) it promises a quick reality monetary reward, a prize or other financial gain.

If the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a dream in which you could lose or break the gold bracelet, he warns about the troubles related to your children.
Interpretation of Dreams: what dreams gold
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Interpretation of Dreams: what dreams gold