Parrots in dreams and reality

If the chatter of colorful birds life amuses and delights in his sleep with talkative feathered be very careful.They will warn you of wasting time on anything, as well as gossip among the inner circle of friends and acquaintances.

If you happen to dream of quiet, peaceful minded parrot - can breathe a sigh of relief, and for a long time to forget about family disagreements.

Communicative and sociable parrot in life gives you a lot of fun and is a great conversationalist, a dream will hint at the excessive levity and serious attitude to business.Furthermore, during sleep will be seen adverse learning birds human speech. In reality the dream can turn small but very painful troubles in relationships with the opposite sex.

Keep parrots house absolutely everything - and couples with chil
dren, and young boys and girls.But the latter is not recommended to see them in my sleep because the feathered pet have a dream, means not seem to her lover that who you really are.Young people may mistakenly judge disgusting your character and establishing mutual understanding in a couple.

dreams that will not come true

mysterious world of dreams and amazing.And it is not always what you prividitsya dream can be interpreted unambiguously.Sometimes dreams, even the most realistic and frightening may be empty and utterly meaningless.

For example, a dead parrot in a dream that promises a loss of credibility in the community, what he saw on the night of the 2nd, 9th, or 13th day of the moon of the lunar calendar, it is possible to perceive absolutely calm. Such a dream can not come true with a probability of 99%.

Also, do not always come true dreams considered a waning moon.Even if their meaning is encouraging for the future.For example, a flock of parrots in a dream, in a normal day promises a good opportunity to excel in a team against other colleagues in the days of the waning moon is only a bright picture, which brings no subtext.

Empty dreams can dream and the new moon.At this time, the dream, as a rule, are a reflection of our emotions and feelings.Therefore, during the new moon parrot seen in a dream in which whatever the context, most likely, just the memory of the birds that you have seen recently at a party or on TV.