you need
  • - sheet of colored paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - black and red ink;
  • - picture with a swallow.
Watch fun scurrying in the sky swallows.See how perfect the shape of their wings - just for a quick flight.We swallow long oval body.Line connection body and head almost imperceptibly, a swallow almost no neck.It seems that nature is made to flow around it was perfect, and nothing prevented the rapid flight.The torso and head flying swallows one can draw an elongated oval.
distinctive feature of swallows - forked tail.The external lines of the tail as though they c
ontinue opposing the torso line.Bifurcated side almost straight and diverge at an angle of 30 °.Tail length is approximately equal to the length of the torso with the head.Until about the middle of the long feathers of the tail feathers are short reach.
a swallow - very large for the size of its wings.Their scope is approximately equal to the length of the trunk and tail.To determine their place, divide the length of the torso, head and tail in half.The line from the middle of the body to the beak again split in half.It will be the upper and lower edges of the wings.The upper edge of the wings is almost perpendicular to the torso.The length of each wing of the upper part is approximately equal to the thickness of the swallow.Spend an auxiliary line perpendicular to the torso, and put on it the right length segments.
Draw another perpendicular sub - where will the lower edge of the wings.The length of each wing at its lower part is approximately equal to the length of the bird's body.Put the pieces of the desired length.Looking at swallow in flight, it can be seen that the lower edge of the wings she is not a straight line.That part of the bottom edge, which is closer to the body, is parallel to the top edge, then the wing is bent down.Draw a curve of the desired length.Connect the upper and lower edges of the wings.Draw feathers on the wings.
Draw swallow ink.When she flies back to the viewer, it is possible to confine silhouette denoting the color of red ink stain.The other parts of the body with black ink shade, trying to convey the shape of feathers.