you need
  • - drawing paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser.
Strawberry has a shape pointed downward.Draw a basis for her painting - a triangle with rounded corners.On the surface of berries scatter seeds in the form of tiny droplets or just dashes.On top of the strawberries picture the leaves that look like rays of the star, and a short "tail".
Strawberry very similar to strawberries, but it is much less.Draw zemlyanichki berries on lon
g, curved stems.Add serrated leaves and white flowers with a yellow or green midway - zemlyanichkami future.Color the berries in red coat and white dots-seeds.
Raspberries can be inscribed in a trapezoid shape with very rounded corners.Draw in this form of tightly pressed against each other, like beads, small circles, having them in tiers.Top green leaves add-stars.Likewise depicted and related berry raspberry - black blackberries.
Form plum is very simple - it's almost the right oval.But the peculiarity of this fruit - in the longitudinal hollow, dividing it in half with one side.One tip of the plum little sharpen and make another forked.As a result, the contour of the plum is a bit like a heart.
Cherry.Draw two of the same circle, flattened a little from the top.Put them thin lines in the form of an inverted letter V. Make them more like twigs, slightly thicken.
Smorodin start drawing the main branches, on which hangs a bunch of berries.From her stubby stalks are - their tips Draw berries in the form of small circles.On the opposite side of each of the cutting Smorodinka pririsuyte two or three strokes of a small "tail".
Grapes drawn by "on a whole - to the particular".That is, the first picture the form of clusters - it can be different.It is better to build on a real bunch and determine from what it consists of simple shapes: triangles, circles, ovals, etc.Having made this complex form is taken as an image of individual berries.They can be round or oval, small or large, and quite fit snugly together.Draw at the bottom of the bunch twig with a tail-flourish.