you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paint.
to leaf maple natural turned depicting him in 4 stages.First, draw a diagonal line on the canvas.Now her draw symmetrical heptagon.A diagonal line must pass through the middle, and the top - lie on this line.Indicate the corner vertex number 1 and assign numerical values ​​to all other corners.The second, located behind the first in a clockwise direction with a digit 2;the third - 3;fourth - seventh ... 4 - 7.
Next, draw another 2 lines.Place them in parallel with each other.First - 2 passes through the corners and 7, and the second line - through the third and the sixth.
find the opposite vertex of a heptagon intersection point of the figure from the first diagonal line.It will then go
"tail" painted maple leaf.From this point spend slightly curved line to the corner №2, the next - to the corner of №3, further - to the №6 and the fourth line is to №7.
Driving ready.Now give it the desired shape.Bordering the maple leaf with the help of a zigzag line.Start drawing it from the location where it goes "tail" of a leaf, bring to a corner №3.Now him spend a zigzag line to the corner №2.In the same way, have counterclockwise draw a whole sheet.
eraser erase all external auxiliary lines.Black or pencil, draw veins.The most striking are the ones that you drew from the place where the leaf connects to the tree to the corners.From each of these lines Draw veins less bright.
How to draw an autumn maple leaf
Now take the brown paint.With the help of the outer fringes draw sheet.Paint the middle of its green and yellow.
draw autumn leaf oak even easier.Start with the same diagonal straight line.Now paint over its right and left of the wavy line.Sheet should turn oval.If it is early autumn, then portray him with the yellow paint.During the later it gets light brown.
beautiful in autumn leaf cherry.Draw an oval, pointed at one end.On the other - a small draw a straight line.It is part of the leaf, which it is connected with the branch when still hanging on it.Take the green and yellow paint.Let half of the leaf will have a single color, and the second part - the other.The combination of yellow and red looks wonderful.Therefore, the sheet may have the coloring.