Secure at the easel blank sheet on which you are going to draw, think about what you want to play.Always have on hand sharpened pencils and an eraser to make a sketch that comes to mind.The easiest way to capture on a sheet of full-scale production, you really see before.
sure to consider a composition pattern before you start to draw - how it will be placed on a sheet of these or other objects depends artistry of your work.Study your display layout according to the properties of visual perception and prospects and, of course, do not forget about harmony.
Figure should be harmonious, everything in it should be subject to the laws
of harmony, therefore, strive to ensure that re-create the sense of beauty in its figure, so - to streamline its components so that they naturally fit togetherwith friend.Drawing these or other subjects, especially humans and animals, do not forget about proportions - proportionality is the key to a realistic picture, it seems to be proportional to the image viewer artistic and beautiful.
observe the work of the acknowledged masters of painting (for example, Leonardo da Vinci), which are commonly used proportions of "golden section"."Golden Section" allows for completeness and perfection shape that you draw, giving it a real sense of beauty and harmony.Check out the theoretical foundations of the "golden section", to use it in the drawing.
Learn composite perception of reality - think of the picture that you see before you, in reality, as a single frame with the boundaries that you put on your figure.For convenience, you can use a special cardboard box to highlight compositional fragment for a picture of the world.
Imagine an image that you have in mind, it will look at your paper format, consider what technique you choose the figure to emphasize the beauty of the image.Schedule an easy silhouette objects on paper to visually understand how the paper will be placed different objects picture.
Coming up next figure, take your time - it is from this stage will determine whether the finished picture is complete and effective.