you need
  • - gouache;
  • - stained-glass paint;
  • - paints for painting on glass;
  • - contour markers;
  • - stencils;
  • - cards;
  • - brushes and sponges;
  • - glitter;
  • - with artificial snow sprays.
Consider the idea of ​​drawing.Decide where you will place the figure fairy grandfather, what will be the background.Choose a color scheme.Look beautiful blue-blue or red-and-white painting.For most it is possible to add decorative sequins or artificial snow.
If you own painting skills, you can jot down the story on their own or take advantage of the idea of ​​a poster or Christmas cards.Those who can not draw worth a try to put the paint on the stencil.The sample can be foun
d online or in the store to buy products for creativity.Another option - attach the finished drawing large from the back side of the glass, carefully cut around the outlines, and then paint the resulting figure.
Select the paint.For the pattern on the glass fit means that after will be no problem to wash off with water or spray for washing windows.Look good for children Stained glass paints, gouache, watercolor or mixed with toothpaste, special paints and markers for painting on glass.Buy suitable brushes or sponges to paint.
Sketch contours of the figures or their circle stencil.For starters, try a simple composition without unnecessary details.In the center of the figure mark the Santa Claus .Nearby you can depict a snowman, a Christmas tree or forest little animals.Do not overload the drawing - two or three characters are enough.
Try to draw Santa Claus in animated style.In the center of picture a rounded cone, and on top of it two laps - smaller to larger.The result was a silhouette of a figure in a long coat.On each side draw two ovals - future hands.Designate a long beard in the form of semi-oval and a bag on his back.Draw small parts - face, edge of coats, mittens.
Paint the details of the picture selected colors.Try to apply them tight even layer without gaps.Dry drawing and draw the outlines of a fine brush with black gouache or special markers for painting on glass.
composition enclosed in a frame of snowflakes or divorce, simulating frost.For their application cover glass large strokes of white paint, and put the finishing touches on top of a dry sponge.Ready pattern can decorate sequins or artificial snow from a container.