you need
  • - henna;
  • - silk fabric;
  • - juice of one lemon;
  • - strongly brewed tea;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - plastic bag.
Take the usual bag of henna.Sift it through a silk fabric.The finished material should be able to ΒΌ cup.
Mix strongly brewed tea with lemon juice, mix the ingredients very well.Pour the mixture in small portions in henna.Very quickly stir the composition to avoid the formation of lumps.Follow the structure of the mixture being produced: it should be thick and viscous.Perhaps lemon tea even remain.Cover the resulting mixture with henna and leave to infuse for 4 hours.
While henna insists prepare a special cone through which will apply paint.To do this, use a
plastic bag waste.Carefully make sure that there was no hole.Well, if it is of a sufficiently durable plastic.For the necessary manipulations easier to use the angle of the package.
When the paint infusions, put it into the prepared cone.Use rubber gloves to avoid staining.Also make sure that the edges are clean cellophane.Tie or seal with adhesive tape the top of the cone.
Prepare a mixture by means of which will be able to delete the failed part of the drawing figure.Mix 3 teaspoons of sugar with two teaspoons of lemon juice.Prepare a knitted cloth and cotton pad.Please note that you need to erase the error immediately, until the paint has not had time to absorb.If you need to remove a small blot in the picture, use the needle is blunt: gently lifted it and it is easy to pressing, remove a little ink.
Apply pattern must be on the prepared surface.To do this, grease a small amount of vegetable oil that part of the body, which were ready to draw.Cut off the tip of the cone and start creating!