If you come to sell their coins , look at the man and his behavior more closely.After all, the way a person relates to these coins, you can see approximately how much it will be able to request for them.Check the man a simple question like, "How much you got?".If the answer is accurate, it means that the seller has already appointed their coins for "mental" price (usually overestimated), and concrete.Such people often useless to try to buy the coins cheaper than they ask for.But if a person came to you without any bags or boxes carrying coins in his pocket, so he probably will not seek from them any particular amount.This is where you can offer your price, u
nderestimated (eg, 50-100 rubles apiece).
second method, which will help you buy a good coins for nothing, is as follows: show the seller that his handful of coins - it is only a "drop in the bucket."How to do it?If you have a lot of coins, which are worth at least malomalski advance put them in a bag, and then to show them to the seller.He may even feel ashamed for what he has brought these unfortunate "pennies" and give them cheaply.
If you sell coins worth a decent amount of money, you can start to express my admiration for a phrase like "What is a copy!I can give you for this coin as many as 1,000 rubles because it interested me.Such coin in my collection seems to be no. "And then pretended to call a friend or simply call the person with whom you have entered into a preliminary agreement.Ask how much the coin is worth.A friend tells you that the coin supposedly long fallen in price, and now costs about 600 rubles, but not anymore. "This conversation should take place before the eyes of the seller, so that he could hear every word.You can enable the "speakerphone".This method works in most cases.
bad acts, and "exchange".This method is useful when you provided copies of coins have the real price.Silver Soviet silver coins to exchange suited just fine.Ordinary citizens silver literally "darkens" the eye.Therefore, they are so easily parted with obviously expensive and rare coins.