you need
  • - album sheet
  • - pencil
  • - eraser
Draw is the easiest type of arch - the horseshoe.For this purpose in the upper part of the sheet slide semicircle.The ends of the semicircle continue down the straight vertical lines converge just inside the arch.
Draw «creeping» arch .Draw two vertical lines located parallel to and at a distance from each other.One line should be significantly higher than the second.Connect uneven asymmetrical arc upper point of the vertical lines.
Draw "keeled» arch .Make an outline of the rectangle.The lower part of the side walls of the figures highlight more clearly.Bar height should be the same.Through the upper point arbitrarily draw a horizontal line.Divide its two points in three parts.In each of the points
put the leg of a compass and draw circles with a diameter equal to the distance from a point to the nearest wall.Parts of the community, who continue to climb up the wall, and, to highlight special.Now the boundary points of the circle selected, connect peaked inside a triangle with concave sides.
Draw a three-lobed arch .For this picture the side walls, in which the lower parts are smooth vertical strokes, and the upper part slightly bent in the middle of the arch, very smoothly.Connect the ends of the walls of the triangle with convex sides.Note that almost all arches is strictly symmetrical.
Draw multiblade arch .Draw a vertical center line.Top draw a circle with the bottom edges of the disconnected.From these edges on the inclined Draw down semicircles symmetrically about the axis.The walls of the lower figures continue straight vertical, downward direction.
Draw semicircular arch .For this draw horseshoe arch , only the walls running parallel to each other.