you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - pictures of the reconstruction of the dinosaurs.
Look at the image of a dinosaur.Its shape can be divided into several parts, which are easier to draw than the animal entirely.To make it easier to comply with the proportions, layout dimensions make drawing and just a couple of strokes mark the shape of each part.
Dinosaurs astonishingly varied, it is easy to get lost in the structure of a particular type, so please refer to the sample in order to avoid mistakes.Tyrannosaurus rex head considerably more similar parts Diplodocus.The structure of the jaws is also completely different.In herbivorous dinosaur body is much more than in the head than the predators.
not forget about this when you
draw a sketch.All individual parts now need to combine smooth lines.Leave correct strokes and eliminates the unnecessary.Within the figures make construction lines that will facilitate further work.The circle or oval head draw a spider, dividing it into four parts.
The horizontal lines mark the eyes, and the vertical - the nose.At the bottom make the cut mouth.If a dinosaur - a predator, draw the jaws open.For more details, draw a limb, their position and do not forget to outline the placement of the joints, usually they can be clearly seen under the skin of hairless animal.
Now look at the picture the small sample, but those important details: horny plates and growths on the head and spine, claws and teeth.Bring these items to your picture.More carefully wrote out lightly soft pencil eye dinosaur shape of his brow.Check the general shape of the head.
made more clear and true path of all parts of the animal's body.Give volume figure by applying light and shade.All convex and lighted items paint over, and those that are in the shade, shade.
little depart from the pattern and compare it with the original.Correct the error, if any.