How to make a simple water bomb from a plastic bag

Take an ordinary plastic bag out from under yogurt, milk or cream.Then type in his tap water.Hold a pin hole.

Then climb somewhere higher, lift the bag of water over his head and boldly throw a homemade bomb at his opponent.

How to make a water bomb from a paper

And now something pooriginalnee and interesting.Imagine that make possible projectile and paper.Take a sheet of A4 size and make it square.To do this, fold it flat angle so that the short portion of the sheet along the long lay.Iron it with your fingers or ruler of the resulting diagonal.Then, turn the paper and fold the excess part of the flat.Then, expand
it and cut off the box at the bottom of the strip.It is you no longer need.

Spread obtain a square, fold it in the other diagonal, and again straighten.You should have a square with two lines on the diagonal fold.

Turn the workpiece.Grasp the toes of the 4 sides at the edges.Then bend into two opposite sides so as to obtain a double triangle.

Thereafter bend corners of the upper layer to the centerline of the preform.The tips of the products must be at the top.Similar actions and proceed to the second side of the triangle.

Bend the corners on both sides of the central part.Do the same on the other side of the product.Fill the 4 corners on both sides of the center pockets.Similar actions are needed to produce and on the other hand.

Water bombs ready.You're gently inflate the product, and then in its central opening to pour water.The resulting shell should be quick to use for other purposes.Otherwise razmoknet paper, and the action of the projectile will turn against you.But if you have time to throw it, you can enjoy as spectacularly burst your bomb.

How to make a bomb out of the water ball

Take an ordinary rubber balloon, preferably a round shape.Put it under the faucet and fill with cool tap water.Make sure that the fluid had accumulated too much, otherwise the ball will be very easy to stretch and tear, unable to perform its task.

After earning the right amount of water, tie a thread hole, what would you do with the inflated balloon.Instead, the latter can be used and the usual fingertips any medical rubber gloves.The scheme is the same: filled with water, tied, good aim and shoot.You can enjoy the effect of the broken shell!

also commercially available kits bombochek water.The set is usually a cap on the valve, through which the water is very comfortable to type in the product.