you need
  • sheet of paper, pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler.
Before proceeding to the process of drawing you will need to prepare all the necessary accessories.First of all it is a pure snow-white paper (a dense album sheet, drawing paper or tissue paper for office equipment), a well-sharpened pencils (better to have a few sticks of different hardness), soft eraser (such an eraser erasing will not damage the surface of the paper), sharpenerpencils, rulers.
Select the type of fence that you draw.Either it will be a simple wooden fence, or he will be a stone or metal (forged).If your choice fell on the first opt
ion (the fence from wooden boards), then draw a line with the help of two parallel horizontal lines (they will determine the height of the fence).
Then after about an equal distance draw a vertical line (they are denoted by the board).Divide the height into four equal parts and spend almost imperceptible thin auxiliary line (get three lines).On the first and third lines of each board put two fat points (later it will be the nails, which are nailed boards).
Erase all unnecessary auxiliary lines.Freehand circle each circuit board.Not necessarily everything to be perfect.After all, a wooden fence with smooth edges do not happen.Draw a tree structure and drag point - nail heads.Get to coloring. Fence can be dark brown with blond streaks, can be gray, and can be colored.
you need to fence went far beyond the horizon - then horizontal lines converge after some distance.And the distance between the vertical lines should gradually decrease.The smaller height, the shorter the distance between the vertical strips.The rest do all the same manner as described above.
stone fence is drawn a little harder than wood.Also, draw a horizontal line to indicate the height of the fence, but the distance between the lines is filled randomly rough oval (in the form of stones).They can be as tightly against each other and be at a small distance (gap between the stones is painted and then a dark gray, and designates the grout).Sami paint the rocks in gray or brown tones.
Metal fence can be either forged (patterned) and simple or corrugated iron sheets.For wrought fence draw two horizontal lines.The distance between them razrisuy patterned repetitive fragments (such as curls).
Clean sketch.Erase the construction lines and failed or unnecessary patterns and fragments.Circle circuit fatty thick line in black or any other color.
To paint the fence of the profiled sheets, draw two horizontal lines in the form of a wave.Draw a vertical line, as shown in the picture.Draw a fat point - fixing.And apply the necessary shade.When can the resulting paint a fence or leave it in pencil form.
How to draw a fence
As a finishing touch paint (if applicable) the background.So the finished picture will become a full-fledged appearance.