first time you picked up is one of the oldest inventions of mankind, you have to remember that the very first attempt to run it can be quite time consuming and unpredictable, so be patient and choose, please uninhabited areas, such as fields orStadium, the radius of which must be at least 40 - 60 meters.

Run boomerang should be chosen from the center of the circle.The thing is that flying boomerang describes "eight": you throw it in front of him, and catch behind.

Use boomerang is pretty simple, but the main thing here, "skill, training, training."You need to know some rules:

  1. convex front side of the boomerang.It is usually located pattern.The back side - flat.You need to bring a boomerang so that the thumb was on the front side, and not on the plane, it does not matt
    er which side looks "wing" boomerang - backward or forward.Clamped about three centimeters of a boomerang, ieits very tip.Light boomerangs pinch with three fingers, take a heavy fist.

  2. One of the most common mistakes when starting is that the boomerang throw almost parallel to the ground, resulting in a boomerang flies right up and also plummeted.Run it should be perpendicular to the ground, with a small (no more than forty-five degrees) tilt to the right.

  3. throw must be strong enough to take off, to describe the loop and return.Throw the boomerang straight ahead, then follow the line of the horizon.Do not try to throw it too high.The height of the boomerang pick himself.

  4. There is one caveat, due to which your success continued.Throwing a boomerang should be against the wind.Although if the wind is too strong, the launch is postponed.Generally, the smaller the wind force, the better.

  5. half the battle you have mastered.Now for the second half.

  6. Catch boomerangs prihlopyvaniem hands on one another.Such simple at first glance, the procedure can not everyone and not the first time.So if you get to this stage, you can congratulate you, you have mastered the lesson is simple enough, as the launch of a boomerang!