Look for inspiration in pictures and hieroglyphs sarcophagi themselves Egyptians.These materials are more than enough on the Internet, so you just have to select your favorite.If you are targeting a hero of a film, it is best to read about him in the historical references, as Hollywood cops are far from their prototypes.
For example, Cleopatra is known as a woman, capable to captivate any man.In modern films it shows a leggy and slender.However, in reality, she was short and plump.The queen, indeed, could charm anyone, but it is not a modern ideal of beauty.
Select the pharaoh pose .Decide how about the look of your Pharaoh, he will have to decide to stand or sit.The easiest way is probably to portray the ruler sitting on a throne.
Sketch sketch of how his legs are positioned in relation to each other, where it ends the throne and in what position are the brush.
Give the person the majesty of Pharaoh.This can be done the following things: pull pattern.You should get the feeling that you like to look up at the huge statue of the mighty."Push" the throne of the wall.Great Pharaoh sitting on his throne, becomes a kind of a part of the mighty wall, and she, on the contrary, will complement its image.
Try not to allow the smooth lines of the image of the pharaoh.His chin, cheekbones, corner of his eye - all tense and "enchanted".This is an important feature that distinguishes the Egyptian drawing from many others.
Move the eyes of Pharaoh, and clothed in gold.In fact, make-up, which you can now often be seen on the face of the stars of punk rock music, a few thousand years ago graced the faces of Egyptian rulers.And, as already noted, the best goldsmiths produced gold hoops in the hands and feet of the pharaoh.Also, gold worn around the neck, elbows and waist.
Pharaoh's view can not be held, as a rule, in itself, no anger, no pain, no mercy.He is not emotional.All kind it shows that the world is on emotion and not spend time on it.