It is understood that winter fishing is quite varied, and the line was chosen for a particular gear for the breaking load or strength.When choosing a winter fishing line pay attention to known and trusted manufacturers (imported fishing line are of good content of tied knots and strength).To fishing was a success, you need a strong and fine fishing line.
mormyshechnoy for winter gear you need at least fifty meters of line, the diameter of which shall be 0.10 millimeters.It is perfect for catching a ruff, medium-sized roach, perch and any other fish, weighing less than a pound.If fishing is supposed to larger individuals, then it is better to choose the line diameter of 0.12 mm, it is suitable for fishing on spinners balancing light and heavy jig.
for fishing for large rocker and vertical spinners winter you need a good quality fishing line diameter 0,14-0,16 mm.It is hard to measure, it will be good to absorb jerks fish.When fishing for perch with great depth, preference should be given tough fishing line 0.18 mm.Rigidity in this case - an important quality because it is difficult hooking fish in deep water, and it will be less confused.To produce zherlitsy need for pike fishing line 0.35 mm in diameter.
With a large variety of winter woods, they are divided into monofilament and braided cords.In both classes, you can find a special winter fishing line.Monoleski divided into: kopolimernuyu, vysokokopolimernuyu and monofilament.Braids very quickly won the love and recognition among anglers.This is due to their pronounced softness, high strength, and the minimum elasticity.In recent years, began to be issued sinking line and braids, which are covered with fluorescent paint on top.
Note the calibration of line.Pinch a little on the line-sinker roll and start to move it.If Georgia gets stuck in certain areas, such fishing line is not suitable for use.Another important parameter for winter fishing in deep water - resistance to abrasion.It often happens that after a few fishings on the line there are faint shabby place (the result of injury to the fishing line on the edge of the hole).To eliminate this bad moment, choose the line, Teflon-coated or made of special polymers.Leski labeled "spool" or "match" the most resistant to abrasion.