you need
  • - sketch pad;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - pencils or paint.
Draw a car, building it from the geometric shapes.First, draw a long narrow rectangle.Top pririsuyte trapeze.You get an image of the car body.At the right and left edges of the underbody, draw two circles.It will be the wheel.
Draw two rectangular windows in the upper part of the machine.Follow the contours of the doors.Inside each wheel draw a circle with a smaller radius to designate disks.Front picture the small semicircles lights.
Erase the extra pencil lines.Paint the body red.The windows make the blue, tires - black.Picture a glowing yellow lights.For such a machine can be pririsovat flashing light, then you get a police car or a checkered taxi.
How to draw
Draw truck.Its cabin is geometrically composed of two rectangles: large and small.Draw them near and chamfer the outer edges.Pririsuyte behind a long low rectangle - the car body.Draw two wheels: one under the cab, the other at the edge of the body.
How to draw
At the top of the cabin picture a rectangular window.Paint the truck.The rectangular body of such a machine can be made high, then you get the picture of the van.To draw a tank round off all four corners of the body, from the top hatch pririsuyte a little long rectangle.
Draw bus.Draw a large rectangle, which will be the body of the machine.The ends of his rounded.The bottom edges of pririsuyte two laps.Make the top of the small rectangular or square windows.In the middle, draw a door.Paint the picture.
How to draw