you need
  • piece of wood the size of the future onions (ash, maple, yew or false acacia);
  • Twisted linen (for firing at closely spaced targets) or lavsanovaja (for long distance shooting) thread for string;
  • little veneer (0.5 mm thick);
  • Hammer and nails;
  • Rasp.
We take the wood and cut out of her arc, which will play the bow frame.Do not forget about what you need in the middle of the arc to cut the convenient handle for holding the bow.Pen and cut out an arc using the rasp.On the back of the bow on the tip glue one or two pieces of veneer.We round out the tips and make the small groove at both ends of the bow for the bowstring.
Now you need to attach the string.Cut the desired length of the thread.The approximate length of the
string to the string should be the length of the bow net of 4-5 cm. Are driven into a piece of wood with two nails at each end.The free end of the string is fixed on one of the nails of the resulting device and begin to wind it around.It will be less than five turns.To serve longer string, we pull it out evenly and without sagging.
cut the thread and connect the free ends of the string of our future.Then we divide into two strands of thread.The middle of each of the strands at a distance of about 8-10 cm thick nylon thread winding.Then winding the ends of the string, without removing it from the device.We've got two loops, that string will be attached to the bow.Check the length of the string, comparing it with the long bow.If all previous steps have been correctly performed, the string should be ideally suited to the onions in size.If the string does not fit, just customize its length by increasing or decreasing the loop.
produce finish.We give the necessary form the bow handle to the left to attach it to a projection direction arrows, made of foam or wood pieces (3x10 mm).The projection is better to make a semi-circular, with a slight slope toward us.Since the boom will not slide off.In this process of making the bow can be considered complete.