you need
  • sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser.
Place the paper vertically.With a simple pencil sketch follow, the composition of the picture.Place the bowl or basket at the bottom of the sheet.You also can opt out completely from the container for flowers.Circles mark the heads of the flowers.From each of them perform line (future stems) and assemble them together.Apply outline light strokes, not pressing hard on the pencil.If the line seems wrong to you, do not rush to wash it.Better to scribble a few options and then gently erase eraser unnecessary.
Now for just flower head.Draw a small circle over the "crown" - the height of the petals of roses s.Then gradually begin to turn the workpiece in the flower petal
s dorisovyvaya.Start from the bottom, grab the edges and gradually deepen the center, rounding petals around it.Then draw a flower sepal (thin leaves at the bottom of the base of the flower).
Draw stems.At the base they are thinner than at the end.Do not forget about the thorns and leaves roses s that have a pointed shape.From stem to draw a small sapling, which runs for two or three leaves.The edge of the leaves slightly toothed, but if the leaves are small, the edges can not drawn.
Next pencil apply shading shadow of the original, before defining it, which side you will have placed light.Flowers need to hatch neat lines in the form of petals, so do with leaves.When you are done shading, the sharp corner of the eraser (this can be cut with scissors) can paint streaks on the leaves and petals.Then emphasize the veins sharpened pencil , it will give the effect of volume and naturalness of your drawing.