For registration letters can be used as a computer with a graphical editor and traditional artist tools: pencil, markers, paint, etc.In the second case, to transfer the result to the computer, and then inserting the text mean to use a scanner or digital camera.Insert the letter carried out in such a way that it captures one-quarter to one-third the width of the paragraph, and from five to ten lines.
First, draw a pencil outline of letters on the model of the same characters from a particular font.It must be capitalized.If the result is supposed to scan or take pictures, draw full list - which is easier to work out the details.Then the picture can always be reduced to the desired size.
drawn and be adjusted to the contour, circle it with a brush or a fel
t-tip pen.Strive for greater contrast is not necessary - you can not take a black and gray, blue or green.If the letter is taken from a serif font (serif), they can be more pririsovat curls using mascara and subtle strikingness pen (in the graphics editor - to reduce the diameter of the virtual brush or pencil).
Now start filling the inner space of the letter.You can fill it evenly with one color or a particular texture.But the more interesting artistic effect you get when you drop cap divided into two halves situated in the middle of an imaginary horizontal line.The top half should always be lighter underside.You can, for example, the upper part of the letters to make a white, yellow or light gray, and fill the bottom horizontal stripes - this effect is found in many letter.
Give the letter of the volume.To do this, perform the same pencil thin diagonal segments from each point of the outer loop.The opposite ends of these segments are connected.Then the parts of the line that will be visible are interconnected with a brush or felt-tipped pen.Paint the walls of the letters in the same color as the outline.
complete the picture by adding the background.You can pre-draw for the initial letter object plane, but this is optional.The background color can be anything, as long as it was darker than the top of letters divided in half, but lighter than the bottom.If the letter is not divided, the background can be a little lighter and a little darker interior space letters.By using the object plane hatch over the dividing line should be vertical, and under it - the horizontal.