you need
  • suitable yarn
basics of knitting cardigans same.Selection of yarn depends on the season.Warm cardigan knitted from thick woolen yarn, looks very good product of boucle yarn.For summer models is better to take cotton yarn.

to fit the pattern raincoat or a coat of suitable size.It is necessary to measure the length, the width of the back, the width of the shelves, the length and width of the sleeve.You also need to identify and outline the depth and width of the cut.

To determine the number of loops that you need to dial the spokes, you need to calculate the number of loops in one centimeter by linking selected yarns from a small sample.
back is fit straight blade without decrease from top to bottom.All closed loops in a row.Shelves tally as well, but the subtraction of loops occur on the cut line.

To simplify the knitted fabric should be applied to the pattern and to follow the lines of the cut.The sleeves are knitted from the bottom up, starting with the gum.Vyvyazyvayut gum, alternating between the right and wrong of the loop.On the sides add one loop every fourth row from both sides.Knit the desired length sleeve, close the loop in a row.
Sew parts of the product should be on the hands of woolen thread.Then, on the edges of shelves and neck loop gain.It is better to use a long circular needles (needles connected fishing line) to 1 size smaller than the main spokes.Knit 3-4 cm close the loop free.

on a knitting machine knitted cardigan much faster.The principle of operation is the same.When the items are related, they can sew on a sewing machine.Along the edges of shelves and neck loops on dial needles.Knit 3-4 cm close to a number of freely - this will form a neat neck and the edge of the product.

Cardigans can not be afraid to knit even novice knitters.