you need
  • - paper patterns;
  • - pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - red and white (beige, pale pink) dense fabric;
  • - needle and thread;
  • - soft padding for toys;
  • - white oilcloth and PVA glue, or white thread floss.
Do pattern mushroom hats from paper and adjust the size of soft toys.You just need to do two parts - the whole circumference (top product) and a circle with a hole in the middle for foot mushroom (bottom product).Sew the hat of the fungus can be made of felt, fleece, leather or leatherette even just need to find the right color fabrics.To get really toy like a mushroom, the upper workpiece make red, the bottom - white, beige or pale pink.
Cut out the pattern on the fabric parts of the cap mushroom, leaving the edges of the small (about 0.5 cm) allowance on connecting joints.The same stocks webs are provided on the bottom of the unit, at the place where it will be inserted stipe.
Fold the top and bottom parts of the mushroom cap with the wrong side up, and connect the edges handmade overcast.Leave the free length of the details through which remove the workpiece.Gently flatten all sewn edges finger very firmly tamp teddies synthetic padding or special synthetic beads for stuffing pillows and crafts.If you are using sintepon, the pre finely chop it to fill more evenly distributed inside the product.
Cut in several places allowances tissue along the left edge of the lower hole on the cap and vpravte them into the product.Sew the remaining free edges of the cap.Here you can insert a foot fungus and sew it a hidden seam.Cut out circles of white cloth and a stick them with white glue on the hat to get the mushroom.You can embroider spots with white thread embroidery floss simple: draw with a pencil and fill in the intended pattern of dense parallel stitches.The edges of the spots emphasize seam "forward needle".