you need
  • - semolina;
  • - gouache;
  • - colored pencils.
Staining semolina with paint.

surface on which to pattern cover with a thin layer of glue.For it is better to use a brush application, otherwise it can get for the outline of the picture.Carefully pour glue semolina.After it has dried, take gouache color you want and paint the rump.To paint in such a way as iodine and brilliant green suit.
in a deep container, pour some vodka or alcohol.Use water instead of alcohol-containing liquids can not be, or become a crumbly semolina porridge.Add the container gouache and mix it with vodka.To this mixture, pour semolina and stir until completely until semolina acquires the desired color and the alcohol evaporates.Leave to dry cereals.To not dried s
emolina one big lump, it can be dried on the paper.

Dried cereals sift through a fine sieve.If dried clumps were formed, they must first be crushed.
Dye semolina possible and using colored pencils.

Take the color you need pencils and carefully remove them from the lead.To do this, fine-needle push it.If the spokes are not, grind off the pencil with a sharp knife.Grind to powder pencil.Mix the semolina with the right amount of color powder.Pour the mixture onto the paper and pound it with a rolling pin so that the grains of semolina and pencil were the same size.Put the mixture into a bowl and stir until the semolina is not completely be painted.